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Strengthen your legal team by Providing the best support for your client throughout the difficult and lengthy process of a civil trial

Why Christy?

Because quite simply, she’s lived through every parent’s worst nightmare – and survived. 

In 2007, Christy’s eight-year-old daughter was molested by her third-grade teacher.  In the eight years that followed, Christy became her daughter’s best advocate and navigated a complex criminal case, a lengthy civil trial against the school district for negligence, and two subsequent appeals (at which Christy and her daughter prevailed, and which resulted in a precedent-setting, published opinion by the California Court of Appeal).  She emerged from the experience determined to make a measurable impact in reducing child abuse and sexual assault through training, speaking up, and taking action on behalf of victims and their families.

How Can Christy Help Your Case and Your Client?

Victims and their families are only able to withstand the course of litigation with a strong support team working alongside them. Through regular engagement, Christy empathizes and speaks victim-to-victim or parent-to-parent with your client using terms they understand to help them feel validated and heard while you use your valuable time to build your best case.  She’ll empower your client with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve the best outcome for their family, and she’ll work hand-in-hand with you to assure everyone is on the same critical path to a winning case.  

Why Should Christy Be on Your Team?

Christy is your consultant, trained to support victims of sexual abuse.  As a hired litigation consultant and victims’ advocate she will take direction from you, the attorney, and all communications will be subject to attorney-client privilege. This protects the case, the attorneys and the victims. 

Scope of Services

  • Provide victim-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally-humble support for client and feedback to attorney.

  • As a victim advocate, Christy can accompany clients to interviews with authorities even when parents/others are not allowed.

  • Connect client to resources that fit their needs. Christy serves on many social service collaboratives across San Diego County and beyond to build relationships with victim service providers.

  • Help attorney source other items needed for the case (police reports, interpreters, specialists)

  • Help client create a personal plan to help them manage the rigors of trial. Share the techniques for grounding, stress management, and perseverance.

  • Deposition support - help attorney prepare client for deposition and attend deposition so client feels supported.

  • Psychological evaluation support - help prepare client, walk them through what to expect, provide support after.

  • Trial support - Take client to tour the court house in advance so they are prepared. On-call support, keep them engaged, provide stress-relieving, grounding and focus techniques, sit with them during the trial, provide emotional support.

  • On-call emotional support and check-in with clients during the different stages of litigation

Christy has also been such a strong advocate for victims and their families going through a very difficult process. I always encourage litigation attorneys to use Christy as a support person for their clients. Christy can help guide the victims and their families through the process, decipher the legal jargon and connect them to resources they need. I would highly recommend Christy!
— Allison Soares, Attorney
Thank you for all that you have done. I could not have made it through this trial without you. I would not have had the courage to go the distance.
— Mother of victim (confidential)
Christy is one of the most passionate advocates for justice involving children and families. Her depth of knowledge and experience has made her a key catalyst in the movement to protect children. Christy is a strategic collaborator and her commitment to social change is unparalleled.
— Kristie Grover, Executive Director, Chelsea's Light Foundation