Civil Justice for Victims of Crime in California Training

The National Crime Victim Bar Association is a wonderful resource for victims, victim service providers, and attorneys. In January, I attended their training Civil Justice for Victims of Crime in Arizona. It was full of information. Some of the information was specific to Arizona and some of the information applied to multiple or all states. There was a top-notch panel of speakers from the local legal community.

Next week, I will attend the Civil Justice for Victims of Crime in California, in San Diego and I will be one of the speakers on the panel in Costa Mesa (Orange County). I will share my experience as the parent of a victim of who was molested by her teacher and our precedent-setting civil suit against the teacher and the school district. Here is a description of what will be covered at the training including a list of the panel speakers, and locations where the training is offered in California.

Civil Justice for Victims of Crime in California, will explore how victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, child sex abuse, drunk driving, homicide, workplace violence, terrorism, elder abuse, identity theft and financial and property crimes can use civil lawsuits to obtain justice, hold responsible parties accountable, prevent future crimes, and obtain the financial resources victims need to rebuild their lives.  The program will cover resources and strategies for victims considering civil lawsuits, and will include a panel of attorneys to answer specific questions of California law. There is no charge for any attendee, and we also serve a complimentary breakfast, lunch, and PM snack.

San Diego – May 3rd, 2017 from 9:00-4:30

University of San Diego School of Law, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110

Presented by: Jeff Dion, Esq., Stephen Estey, Esq., Allison Worden, Esq., and Irwin Zalkin, Esq.

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Orange County – May 4th, 2017 from 9:00-4:30

Orange Coast College, 2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Presented by: Jeff Dion, Esq., Louanne Masry, Esq., Judith Yedidsion, and Tom Cifarelli, Esq.

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Los Angeles – May 5th, 2017from 9:00-4:30

Loyola Law School, 919 Albany Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Presented by: Jeff Dion, Esq., David Ring, Esq., Jennifer Bandlow, Esq., and Robert Glassman, Esq.

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Sacramento – May 17th, 2017 from 9:00-4:30

McGeorge School of Law, 3200 5th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95817

Presented by: Jeff Dion Esq., Joe George Ph.D., Esq., and Joe George Jr., Esq.

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San Jose – May 18th, 2017 from 9:00-4:30

Santa Clara School of Law, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Presented by: Jeff Dion, Esq. and Mary Alexander, Esq.

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Oakland – May 19th, 2017 from 9:00-4:30

Cal State East Bay – The Oakland Center, 1000 Broadway #109, Oakland, CA 94607

Presented by: Jeff Dion, Esq., Jessica Dayton, Esq., Gary Gwilliam, Esq., and Ivo Labar, Esq.

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For more information: 

Jeffrey R. Dion // Director, National Crime Victim Bar Association

Deputy Executive Director // National Center for Victims of Crime

2000 M Street, NW, Suite 480, Washington, DC 20036

202 467 8717 // @victimbar // @CrimeVictimsOrg